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MOTHER’S BOYS (1994) **

Jamie Lee Curtis went off the deep end a couple years back and left hubby Peter Gallagher with their bratty kids.  He moves on with his life though and is about to marry Joanne Whalley-Kilmer when Jamie comes back wanting custody of the kids.  But since she is a complete sociopath, she uses lies, manipulation, and murder to get her family back.


Mother’s Boys only works as a showcase for Jamie Lee Curtis.  She plays a pretty good psycho in this movie.  I particularly liked the scene where she cut up her own face and blamed it on Joanne.  We even get to see her tits in this thing too, which is an added bonus.  (There’s also an uncomfortable scene where she gets naked in front of her kid too.)  


The movie itself can’t make up its mind if it wants to be a Mommy From Hell movie or a goddamned Lifetime Original.  For every decent Jamie freakout scene, there’s a boring scene with her and her kids that slows everything down.  And as thrillers go, it only works up to a point.  That point would be once the kids start terrorizing Joanne at Jamie’s behest.  The ending is particularly lame (there’s a lot of The Good Son “Give me your hand!” nonsense) and there’s a really cheap Final Scare too.


The rest of the cast is OK.  Nobody can play the clueless husband bit like Peter Gallagher; he was good.  Kilmer has the thankless fiancé role and doesn’t show her tits like Curtis; so that sucked.  And Vanessa Redgrave’s in there too as the granny who walks with a cane by the top of the stairs that knows too much.  And if you seen enough of these movies you know what happens to grannies who walk with a cane by the top of the stairs.



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