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EVIL FACE (1974) **

Man, if you’ve got to make a movie called “Evil Face”, who better to play the said Evil Face than Klaus Kinski? That’s just perfect casting right there. (Actually, it’s Kinski’s wife that has the evil face in this flick, but never mind.)

Kinski is a mad scientist trying to perfect his mentor’s methods for skin grafts. His disfigured wife (who is also the daughter of the mentor) is all sensitive about her fucked up face, so she wants Klaus to make her a new one. She controls a horny hunchback with a tuning fork and orders him to corral up couples necking in the woods so Dr. Klaus can use them for human guinea pigs. Once Klaus gets her a new face, she stabs him in the back (literally) for another lover.

A lot of Evil Face is dull, but luckily there’s some completely random lesbian lovemaking to keep you from falling asleep on it. I guess the best thing about the flick is the mad doctor surgery scenes. The gore in these sequences is OK, and the face-lift scene was kinda cool (Carlo Rambaldi did the make-up), but some of the skin grafts look like strips of turkey jerky.

The biggest disappointment about Evil Face comes from the fact that Klaus Kinski acts rather reserved and mellow. I’m sorry but if you hired Klaus for your flick and don’t make him act bonkers, then what’s the point? On the plus side, he does give a tender monologue to a baby doll though.

AKA: The Hand that Feeds the Dead.


Rosalba Neri (AKA: Sarah Bay from Lady Frankenstein) goes to an old castle with two of her girlfriends. While searching the castle, Rosalba finds a 16th century portrait of a witch, who just so happens to be a dead ringer for herself. Afterwards, she falls asleep and dreams how her ancestor met her untimely end.

I’m a big Rosalbi Neri fan and if you aren’t likewise, Lucifera: Demonlover will probably be a chore to get through. She has two hot lovemaking scenes, one with some random dude and another with the devil himself. The other scene to watch for is when some horny bastards kidnap Neri’s friends and take them to a cave where they force them to participate in an impromptu orgy.

Some smattering of T & A aside; Lucifera: Demonlover is a flat-out bore. I found myself nodding off throughout the scant 77 minute running time. The fact that I watched it in the middle of the afternoon is especially telling.

The biggest stumbling block with the film is the fact that we already know the whole thing is going to be a dream from the outset. I mean Neri actually takes a nap and begins to dream about 7 minutes into the film, so it’s not like I need a Spoiler Alert or anything. And the end leaves much to be desired as Neri basically wakes up and leaves the castle without consequence.

AKA: The Demon Lover. AKA: The Devil’s Lover.

On a personal note, Lucifera: Demonlover is the 50th film reviewed for the It Came from the Thrift Store column. That seems like quite an achievement; especially considering I never really intended making trips to the Thrift Store for VHS’s and DVD’s a regular thing. After months and months of Thrift Store plundering, I’ve still got enough review material to last well into the New Year. I hope you all enjoy reading the Thrift Store reviews as much as I have writing them.

Next week on It Came to the Thrift Store: A Euro Horror Double Feature: The Legend of Blood Castle & Naked and Violent.


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