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Emmanuelle (Brittany Joy) pilots her zeppelin into some kind of wormhole. Some sex-crazed ghosts get aboard the ship and possess the crew and forces them to have sex with each other. The hippie chick of the group teaches Emmanuelle the art of astral projection and when Emmanuelle’s spirit leaves her body, a sexy ghost hops in. She then takes control of Emmanuelle’s body and refuses to give it back.

Emmanuelle Through Time: Emmanuelle’s Supernatural Sexy Activity is a bit more fun than most of the Brittany Joy Emmanuelle movies. The sex scenes are slightly better (there’s an especially hot scene between Joy and the always lovely India Summer) and the humor is actually kinda funny (there’s a Paranormal Activity spoof scene). The scenes that revolve around the invisible ghosts getting it on with the ladies in the cast work the best. Think the scenes from The Entity, but with a more willing participant, and that should give you some idea of what to expect.

There are ten sex scenes throughout the 85 minute running time. (A sex scene every 8 ½ minutes is pretty good for this sort of thing.) There are five Guy on Girl scenes, one Girl on Girl scene, one Girl on Girl on Girl scene (technically), one Guy on Girl on Girl scene and two Solo Girl scenes. And I have to say, the Girl on Girl scenes are the best; mostly because they rely heavily on scissoring. In short, this is definitely one trip through time worth taking.


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