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In the early 90’s there were a lot of quirky low budget comedies involving gays or lesbians going on an offbeat adventure.  Very few of these movies are any good.  Bound and Gagged:  A Love Story is not one of them.


Ginger Lynn Allen stars as a chick who is married to the abusive Chris Mulkey.  When he learns that she is having an affair with a lesbian (Elizabeth Saltarrelli), he flips out.  Big Time.  Even though her hubby is a walking time bomb, Ginger still gives up her Sapphic ways and goes back to him.  This pisses off her lesbo lover so much that she resorts to kidnapping Ginger and takes her to a lesbian deprogrammer (Karen Black) to make her like girls again.


Bound and Gagged is one of those movies that tries to be hip and edgy but it just comes off as being desperate and irritating.  (There is a guy who tries to commit suicide while dressed in a Santa suit, if that gives you an idea of what we’re dealing with here.)  Although the bulk of the movie is flat and joyless, there is one (count ‘em, ONE) funny scene where a guy gropes Ginger and her lesbian lover rescues her by running over his hand with a car.  Naturally, she runs over the WRONG HAND and Ginger makes her back the car up and crush the hand that touched her goodies.  If the rest of the film had successfully maintained this level of black comedy, Bound and Gagged:  A Love Story may have actually been worth a damn.


The movie does have a couple scenes of Ginger getting naked and having R rated sex.  I don’t know if this is a good thing or not.  I mean sure, we get to see her naked and everything, but if I really wanted to see her get down and dirty, I’d just put on Between the Cheeks and watch her do her XXX rated thang. 


Ginger gives an OK performance I guess.  She’s hot but she’s not much of an actress.  Again, if I want to watch her “act”, I’ll put on Ginger’s Party.  This was the only movie Saltarrelli ever did and it’s easy to see why.  She’s thoroughly annoying and has the face of a catcher’s mitt to boot.  Mulkey is typically intense and while his character is excruciatingly abrasive, he nevertheless gives the best performance of the film.  He also gets the best line of the movie when he tells Ginger, “You are seriously fucking with my mental health!”



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