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The Plot:  More girls have a slumber party.  Another psycho killer massacres them.  You know the drill.  HA HA.  See what I did there?


It was nice to see the Slumber Party Massacre series taking a back to basics approach after the insanely silly second outing.  There’s no more lame rock n’ roll music, no more “It was all a dream” endings, and best of all, no more rockabilly singers with guitar drills.  Nope, Slumber Party Massacre 3 is all about girls getting killed by a guy with an old fashioned drill.  


That isn’t to say there isn’t some nutty moments to be had here.  In fact, the flick is at it’s best when the killer puts down the drill and kills people with other stuff.  At one point, he cuts off the bill of a swordfish and shoves it down a dude’s throat.  There’s also a pretty cool death when the killer plants a For Sale sign into another jackass.  But by far the zaniest kill comes when he sees a chick taking a bath and drops her electric dildo into the tub and electrocutes her.  That’s right folks; we’re talking about death by electric dildo!


Slumber Party Massacre 3 probably could’ve used some more moments of crazed invention like that because there are a lot of long stretches where nothing much happens.  Again, I think they were going back to basics here and they probably didn’t want to make the flick too crazy or else they’d wind up with another turd like Part 2.  And nobody wants that.


Although the flick suffers from some uneven pacing, you really can’t complain too much when the movie features such world class babes as Hope Marie Carlton and Maria Ford.  Only Ford shows off her boobies though.  I don’t know why she wore that stupid Elvira wig throughout the whole movie but at least it doesn’t cover those puppies up.


AKA:  Stab in the Dark.


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