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Bill (The Giant Spider Invasion) Rebane directed this comatose tale about a virus from Mars being let loose in a small town train station.  Stafford (also in Rebane’s The Legend of Bigfoot) Morgan stars along with Ralph (Kiss Me Deadly) Meeker and George “Buck” (They Live) Flower as (Surprise!) a drunk who unleashes the virus.  The infected citizens stay in the train station and argue, play cards and generally mill around for most of the movie.  Since the virus only affects you when you sleep, all the characters try to stay awake by drinking coffee and taking drugs.  One character says, “I think it’s time we took some amphetamines!”  You’ll need amphetamines to stay awake while watching this piece of shit.  About 85 minutes into the movie something finally happens! Ralph Meeker falls asleep, which causes his eyes to pop out and his brains to erupt from his skull.  That’s the only good thing about the movie.  Unfortunately the audience is in the opposite predicament.   If you do manage to stay awake to watch the movie, your eyes will feel like they will pop out.  Oh yeah, and the ending rips off Night of the Living Dead too.  Rebane uses his patented Wisconsin locations to their usual minimal effect.  The dreadful acting, sluggish pace and lackluster direction guarantee your brains will explode long before the end credits.  When it was originally released, it played on a double feature with Star Wars!

Tags: a, sci-fi
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