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The Delta Force boys are back.  After killing an ethnic cleansing crazed dictator, they receive a new mission of trying to find out who killed a seismologist.  Turns out it was a deranged scientist who wants to create a super-earthquake that could destroy California.  Meanwhile, one of the team members (don’t ask me which one cuz they’re all interchangeable) slowly starts cracking under the pressure of combat and his increasingly erratic behavior could cost them their mission.


This limp sequel features more of the same, except this time the action sequences leave a lot more to be desired.  Most of the action requires the team to be chased by guys on skis and snowmobiles, which is never a good sign unless you’re watching a Bond movie.  There is however one decent scene where a trolley goes off the tracks that’s pretty cool, but for the most part, the action is staged rather flatly.  And that’s the key word, “staged”.  Every action scene feels like we’re watching a second unit stunt team in action and not a real scene from a movie.


The good news is that over half of the Delta Force team bites the bullet in this one so hopefully that means there will be no more of these crappy movies (well, according to IMDB there was a Part 5 but without these actors).


The flick does have one memorably nutty moment when an assassin places a gun in a microphone during a press conference.  Maybe if Operation Delta Force 4 had more of these slices of WTF, it would’ve been good for a laugh or two.  As it is, it’s a solid cure for insomnia.


AKA:  Deep Fault.  AKA:  Operation Zeus.



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