The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

THE GHOST (1963) **

This is a sequel to The Horrible Dr. Hitchcock. The now wheelchair bound doctor uses séances to “cross over to the other side” while his physician uses diluted poison to try to make him walk again. His physician predictably is having affair with the Hitchcock’s wife, and since she’s played by Barbara Steele, you really can’t blame him. They conspire together and kill the good doctor, but after his death, spooky goings on start happening, like Hitchcock’s wheelchair running around on its own. When Steele and her lover try to gets their hands on her dead ex’s money, they are haunted by the ghost of Dr. Hitchcock who turns them against each other.

In the film’s standout scene, Steele wigs out and slashes her lover to death with a razor as thick red blood runs down the screen. (This scene was nearly duplicated in Evil Dead 2.) There’s also plenty of gothic atmosphere to spare, and Steele is always great to look at, but this is thoroughly routine and predictable (right down to the “surprise” ending) stuff.

AKA: The Ghost of Dr. Hitchcock.
Tags: g, horror
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