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This is the best movie Bill (The Alpha Incident) Rebane ever made but that’s not saying a whole lot. It features a game supporting cast including Barbara (Perry Mason) Hale as a scientist and Alan (Gilligan’s Island) Hale as the skipper, I mean sheriff. A meteorite lands in Wisconsin and turns some spiders into eight legged behemoths. After mutilating some cattle the angry arachnids set their sights on some Cheese Heads. “They make that shark in Jaws look like a goldfish!”

Robert (Touch of Satan) Easton (who also co-wrote) takes the acting honors as an unkempt fornicating farmer. When he’s not busy cheating on his lush of a wife he’s cracking open spider infested space coconuts that also contain some cosmic cubic zirconium. He also gave himself the best line: “You been hitting the BOOZE again!”

The effects are laughable with the “giant” spiders (actually VW Bugs with big ass pipe cleaners sticking out of it) being especially ludicrous. The ending where the spider blows up and turns into a giant heaping of Reddi Whip will make you want to grab a spoon and have a spider sundae.
Tags: g, horror, mst3k
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