The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

GINGER (1971) ***

The Ginger series was fun drive-in exploitation cinema. They all starred Cheri Caffaro as Ginger, a sexy super spy. In the first of the series, Ginger is trying to bring down a drug, blackmail and prostitution ring in New Jersey. In the film’s standout scene, she threatens to castrate a guy with piano wire. There’s also a pretty cool “peeping Tom” scene too. Caffaro is naked a lot and she also dances and gets bound and gagged too, all of which would be the hallmarks of future installments. Caffaro is very beautiful and talented. It’s a shame she didn’t make more movies. Written and directed by Caffaro’s husband, Don Schain who later returned with the sequels, The Abductors and Girls Are for Loving. Caffaro also wrote H.O.T.S.
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