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Even though I am christening this flick as the best Holiday Horror Flick of the New Millennium, it comes with some major reservations. It can’t hold a candle to the previous millennium’s all time champ: Jack Frost (or Jack Frost 2 for that matter). It’s almost exactly like Jack Frost except instead of a six foot tall killer snowman that makes bad puns, we get a six inch tall killer gingerbread man cookie that kills and makes bad puns. The fact that the killer is played (briefly) and voiced by Gary Busey (!) is enough to make anyone want to watch it.

When Busey is killed, his ashes get mixed in with some gingerbread dough. When blood is added to the mix and baked in the oven, he comes back to life reincarnated as a killer cookie! “It ain’t the Pillsbury Fuckin’ Doughboy!” As promising as the premise is, Busey is only in it for like a minute and doesn’t have nearly as many great lines as you’d expect. There isn’t a whole lot of gore either, but if you don’t count the credits, it’s barely an hour long, and sure as hell beats reruns of Frosty Returns.
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