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This is an awesome example of a “Pinky Violence” film, exploitation movies from Japan loaded with sex and violence. It’s kinda like a cross between H.G. Lewis’ She Devils on Wheels and Jack Hill’s Switchblade Sisters, and is as equally as fun and memorable as those two cult classics.

The all female Red Helmet Motorcycle Gang led by Sachiko, (Miki Sugimoto) cruise into town and immediately start causing trouble. They beat up an all boy gang, promise a guy sex in a cemetery then rob him instead, and best of all get into a bra busting catfight. (And this is just the first fifteen minutes of the movie folks!) They take over the local girl gang with the permission of it’s former leader, Nami (Reiko Ike) but still have to answer to the yakuza outfit ran by Nami’s brother. When a bald nun steals one of the girl’s bikes, she falls and hurt her leg and begs to be taken to a doctor, “any doctor”. Naturally, they take her to a gynecologist! He takes one look at the nun and says, “I’m not into legs, I prefer what’s in between them!” After they get her fixed up, they tattoo her tit and make her an official member of the gang.

To make money, the gang come up with some wild extortion schemes like stealing a fornicating priest’s condom and using it to blackmail him. When a gang member seduces another priest during confession, she asks him during sex, “Am I better than Jesus?” Afterwards the priest tells her, “This isn’t a confession per se, but I have the clap!” Since the yakuza has been bugging the Red Helmet Motorcycle Gang, Sachiko gets the newly VD ridden chick to screw all the yakuza members and gives the clap to them!

Meanwhile, Sachiko falls in love with a boxer named Ichiro and when the yakuza kidnaps his trainer’s daughter, it’s the Red Helmet Motorcycle Gang to the rescue! The yakuza retaliate by killing Ichiro, so Sachiko vows revenge and goes after them. She gets caught though and is tied up, beaten and tortured by the yakuza. (They even burn her crotch with a cigarette lighter!) Nami comes to rescue her in the nick of time and gets captured too, but her brother lets them escape. Finally Sachiko gets revenge by blowing up a car full of yakuza.

This was the third in the popular Girl Boss (or Sukeban) series, and it’s an insane mix of over the top mix of sex and violence. It moves at an incredible pace and is filled with wall to wall action. A must for any lover of Japanese exploitation. Also look for Sex and Fury, another classic Pinky Violence movie starring Ike.
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