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Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey star as two American GI’s who are AWOL in Paris during WWI.  Together they impersonate officers in order to pick up chicks in cafes.  Bert predictably falls in love with their colonel’s daughter (the team’s usual co-star Dorothy Lee), which naturally complicates matters.  She then sets out to make Bert a war hero so her father will accept him as her husband by forcing him to deliver a top secret letter to the front lines.


Wheeler and Woolsey are a comedy team that’s pretty much forgotten nowadays but most of the movies I’ve seen of theirs are pretty funny.  While Half Shot at Sunrise isn’t a sterling example of their work, it’s a solid flick that features its fair share of laughs.  I only wish they had chucked the annoying songs because they have a tendency to stop the flick’s momentum on a dime.


Luckily we have some fairly funny comedic set pieces here that make up for the lame musical numbers.  The scenes where Wheeler and Woolsey try to pick up girls are pretty good and there’s a funny scene where they pose as waiters too.  But it’s one of the MP’s who’s on the lookout for Wheeler and Woolsey that gets the best line of the movie when he says, “When I find those two I’ll knock ‘em so cold they’ll keep for years!”

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