The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

GODZILLA (1998) **

The creators of Independence Day ruined the all American holiday, so I didn’t put it past them to piss all over Japan’s national treasure.

Nuclear tests mutate a Komodo Dragon (Godzilla) who grows 100 feet tall and stomps on New York City. When she (That’s right, SHE! We find out Godzilla is a GIRL!!! NOOO!!!) disappears halfway through the movie, her litter of Godzillettes take center stage and the movie rapidly goes into the shitter and becomes another Jurassic Park rip off, as the baby Godzukis look suspiciously a lot like raptors. When Ferris Bueller kills all the little bastards, The G-Man… err… Woman comes back for revenge. The ending even has the cajones to rip off the 1976 King Kong remake!

Too bad too, cuz the opening scenes have promise and the cast (including Hank Azaria, and Jean Reno) seem game. The best bit is by Michael Lerner as Mayor Ebert(!), who with his assistant Gene, give everyone the thumbs up! Toho Studios quickly got the rights back from us greedy Americans and brought Godzilla back to Japan where HE belongs for more entertaining and official Godzilla movies.
Tags: g, godzilla series, horror, horror remake, remake, sci-fi
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