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A fat, bald, blind killer in the Tor Johnson/Coleman Francis/Joe Besser mode is prowling the foggy London streets at night and murdering a bunch of people.  A stiff ass Scotland Yard inspector is on the case and discovers that each of the victims have large life insurance policies.  As it turns out, the pudgy psycho is nothing more than a pawn for a madman who uses him to do his dirty work.


If you’ve seen any of these low budget German thrillers based on Edgar Wallace mysteries, you should probably know what to expect from this flick.  Sure, like most of its ilk, Dead Eyes of London suffers from a slow pace as much of the police procedural stuff is rather dull.  What makes the film slightly better than its genre counterparts is a strong sense of atmosphere.  The scenes where the killer blindly searches for his prey are well done and there is an effective elevator murder as well.  And there has to be something said for a movie in which Klaus Kinski isn’t the weirdest dude in the cast.


I’m not saying that this flick is great or anything.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say I found myself nodding off here and there.  Still, for what it is, it’s not bad and it has a few moments of genuine coolness and bursts of surprising violence (for the time that is).  And although the ending isn’t wholly successful (there’s probably one too many villains who are in on the plot), it’s hard to completely hate any movie that ends with a priest brandishing a flamethrower.


AKA:  Dark Eyes of London.

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