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PASSENGERS (2008) **

Anne Hathaway’s career takes a nose dive into Straight-to-DVD territory with this predictable and somber supernatural drama.  A plane crashes under mysterious circumstances, leaving the survivors bewildered and disturbed.  Hathaway stars as a grief counselor who holds a discussion group with some of the survivors.  Patrick Wilson is the stud of the group who’s too cool for school and doesn’t attend his sessions.  Because he’s all aloof and studly, Anne agrees to make house calls to his home and pretty soon, they’re knocking the boots.  Soon after, her patients start disappearing and she gets bugged by a strange man from the airline (David Morse) who seemingly wants to cover the whole thing up.  Then patients begin being stalked by mysterious strangers lurking in the dark.  Then Anne starts seeing them as well.  Then… well… 


Let me put it to you this way.  One character tells Anne, “It’s not the sort of thing you can be told.  You have to figure it out on your own.”  Well, if that’s the case I figured it out about a half hour into the movie.


If you’re like me and guessed the Carnival of Souls/Sixth Sense ending, you get a cookie.  To redeem your cookie, send a self addressed stamped envelope to: 


Passengers Cookie Redemption

c/o Some Unimaginative Hollywood Jackasses

Straight to DVD Boulevard

Hollywood, CA


Wilson is good and Hathaway ain’t too shabby either; both in the acting and looks department.  (She can be a Passenger on my Bologna Pony any day of the week and twice on Sunday if she wants to earn Frequent Flyer miles.)  Their scenes together are easily the best thing about the flick.  That’s about the only thing Passengers has going for it though. 


The whole thing is just slight.  It’s easy to tell why it went STD.  There’s not a whole lot here that hasn’t been done a hundred times before, and much better I might add.


Passengers is the epitome of a Two Star movie.  It's a competently made flick but the drama parts aren’t all that dramatic.  The central mystery surrounding the plot isn’t all that mysterious.  And the surprise twist isn’t all that surprising.  Luckily, Hathaway and Wilson are strong enough to keep you watching and hoping that something worthy of their talents will happen to justify their participation.

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