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This made for TV horror movie is a tedious mishmash of Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist. Richard (God Told Me To) Lynch is the leader of a satanic cult who kidnaps a baby who will later be used as a vessel to bring Satan to Earth. In the meantime the kid grows up to be a fashion designer played by Elyssa Davlos. She ends up getting the hots for Dack Rambo and since Lynch needs her to be a virgin when he sacrifices her, he prevents her from seeing him. Cockblocked by Satan, Rambo gets a priest (The Last Starfighter’s Dan O’Herlihy) to perform an exorcism to save the day. Lynch is cool as always (except for that goofy as hell scene where he makes a litter of cats kill an insolent cult member) and he, along with O’Herlihy help lend some gravitas to this derivative and tame turkey. Kim Cattrall also appears briefly in an early role. TV vet Paul Wendkos directed from a script by Jimmy (The Crawling Eye) Sangster.
Tags: g, horror
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