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BRIDESMAIDS (2011) *** ½

Kristen Wiig’s about to hit rock bottom.  She’s lost her bakery, hates herself for being fuck buddies with Jon Hamm, gets kicked out of her apartment, and winds up moving back in with her mom.  She also has to serve as Maya Rudolph’s maid of honor for her lavish wedding.  Making things even worse is that this rich cunt (Rose Byrne) keeps upstaging Kristen at every turn.  This leads to several awkward uncomfortable confrontations between the two and (fortunately for the guys in the audience) a lot of laughs.


You know, I find Kristen Wiig kinda grating when she plays her one-note characters on Saturday Night Live.  Here, she gets to play a character that actually has some depth and proves that she is a certifiably good actress as well as a talented comedienne.  And because we like her character, it makes her antics even more amusing.


I grade comedies on how much I laugh and I laughed a whole bunch on Bridesmaids.  There are several comedic set pieces that had me in stitches.  We get a great tennis match between Byrne and Wiig where they keep hitting each other in the tit, a funny sequence on an airplane where Wiig gets all doped up and acts nuts, and Wiig’s meltdown at the baby shower is good too.  But the best part is the dress fitting scene.  I don’t want to spoil it for you, but be prepared.  Don’t drink anything during this scene because it’s liable to wind up coming out of your nose while you laugh your ass off.


The laughs dry up during the third act though.  I mean this is a Chick Flick after all, so there’s got to be the obligatory break-up/make-up shit with Rudolph, even more break-up/make-up shit with Wiig’s cop boyfriend, and wedding scenes at the end.  That’s okay because when the flick is funny; it’s fucking hilarious.  I don’t know if I’d call Bridesmaids the best Chick Flick movie ever made (that honor would go to Say Anything), but it’s definitely up there.


Hamm gets the best line of the movie when he wakes up next to Wiig and tells her, “This is awkward.  I really want you to leave, but I don’t know how to tell you without sounding like a total dick”.


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