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In this unsettling and interesting vampire flick, Michael Pataki comes out of his grave and interrupts a couple making out in the graveyard. He breaks the guy’s back on a tombstone then drags his girlfriend into his grave where he rapes her offscreen. Later the girl gives birth to a baby boy who doesn’t drink milk. In the sickest breast feeding scene ever, she cuts her tit and the kid nurses on her wound! Later, she moves the kid up to a blood filled bottle. When mommy dies, the fully grown son (William Smith) goes looking to kill his undead daddy and discovers that Pataki is now a teacher (at night school of course). Meanwhile, Pataki is busy putting the bite on several ladies including a redhead librarian. In the film’s climax, Pataki holds a séance where he bites his students until Smith reveals that he is his son. They fight and Smith puts a stake through Pataki’s heart, but not before Pataki curses him to become a full fledged vampire. As Smith grows fangs and stalks his girlfriend, the title card reads: “THE END OR IS IT?”!

Alternately queasy and campy this is a fun throwback for anyone who was a fan of the Count Yorga movies. Both leads are very good and make this worth a look. Also featuring a cool head crushing scene and bad 70’s fashions and dancing. Pataki had been in a lot of episodic television and later was in Rocky IV and Smith was a familiar face in biker movies at the time and starred in Invasion of the Bee Girls the next year.

AKA: Seed of Terror
Tags: g, horror, vampires
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