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THE GRIM REAPER (1981) ***

Yep Joe (Emanuelle in America) D’Amato is at it again. This time, it’s more or less your typical slasher movie.

Tisa (Zombie) Farrow stars as a photographer who hitches a ride aboard a sailboat headed to a deserted island. There, she learns why it’s uninhabited: George (Erotic Nights of the Living Dead) Eastman has gone flesh crazy and started eating everyone.

The movie takes it’s time to get started, but there are moments of extreme gore that make it worth a look. The standout scene is when Eastman (who co-wrote the screenplay with D’Amato) rips a fetus out of a pregnant woman and munches on it, but the part when he gets his own guts ripped out and bites into them is pretty good too. There’s also a decent hatchet to the face and a Zombie-esque scene in which a woman gets her face gouged when she’s pulled through a stucco roof.

The flashback scene that “explains” why Eastman has become a hulking cannibal is priceless. He and his family are the only survivors of a shipwreck floating aimlessly at sea. When his son dies, he wants to eat him. “He’s dead! He’s meat!” His wife objects and when Eastman accidentally stabs her she screams: “Dear God, eat me!”

As always, D’Amato’s cinematography is quite crisp and the beautiful locations appear to be the same he used for Porno Holocaust. Both D’Amato and Eastman returned for the sequel, Monster Hunter (AKA: Anthropophagus 2).

AKA: Anthropophagus. AKA: Savage Island.
Tags: cannibal, g, horror
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