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When Gary Daniels’ younger brother becomes involved in illegal underground kickboxing, he returns home from a ten year absence to help him turn his life around.  He also finds out that he has a ten year old son, and rekindles his old flame Tracy Dali, whom he promptly screws in the shower.  Meanwhile, his brother resents him and fights (he says “Yeah!” a lot while kicking the crap out of somebody) in the tournament anyway.  His ring name, by the way is “Kid Lightning”.  All the fighters have cheesy names like “Viper” and “The Green Beret”.  When Daniels starts fighting, his ring name is (you guessed it), American Streetfighter, even though he has a thick Australian accent.  The promoters of the fights are actually drug dealers who smuggle drugs inside the bodies of the dead fighters (a pretty cool idea actually).  When his brother his killed in the ring, Daniels starts whooping everybody’s ass.  It all ends in a sword fight in a funeral home right next to his brother’s open casket!!!  Though the extremely low budget and incompetent direction foil the action scenes, this flick is loaded with a bunch of WTF? moments.  It might have been better if they actually had an “American” Streetfighter in there too.  Followed by a sequel.

Tags: a, action, kung fu

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