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This crack pipe crazy movie has nothing to do with the first two Halloween movies. Producers John Carpenter and Debra Hill figured audiences wouldn’t line up every other year to watch The Shape mow down teenagers so they wrote a brand new story. They were wrong.

Tom (The Fog) Atkins plays a small town doctor who witnesses a hitman whack a dude in his hospital before making like a Buddhist monk and lighting himself of fire. He teams up with Stacy (Get Crazy) Nelkin to get to the bottom of things. They find out that The Silver Shamrock Company is sending out masks equipped with microchips that make the wearer’s head erupt with centipedes, snakes, spiders and grasshoppers while watching the most amazingly annoying commercial known to man. “Three more days to Halloween… Halloween… Halloween. Three more days to Halloween! Silver Shamrock!” The whole thing is ran by Dan (Robocop) O’Herlihy who uses Stonehenge (?!?) to make the microchips. “Yes, Stonehenge! We had a time getting it here. You wouldn’t believe how we did it!”

You won’t need Stonehenge or a Halloween mask to make your head feel like it’s about to crack open and spew forth insects from watching this confusing mess. I’m sure O’Herlihy’s plan is cool and all but c’mon what’s to be gained by making six and seven year old kids heads explode with nightcrawlers? Honestly. He also has an army of robots whose innards look kinda like honey Dijon. There’s also a scene from the first movie playing on TV which adds to the confusion.

Still it’s pretty compelling stuff watching kiddies’ craniums crack open with creepy crawlies for ninety minutes. Must be the subliminal messages from the Silver Shamrock commercials telling me not to completely hate this movie. Carpenter quickly bowed out of the series after this flopped (his original intention was to make a series of unrelated Halloween themed horror movies) and producer Moustapha Akkad went about cranking out more sequels starring the masked Michael Myers. Writer/director Tommy Lee Wallace also wrote Amityville 2 and directed Fright Night 2. “Three more days to Halloween… Halloween…”
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