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HALLOW’S END (2003) ** ½

You notice how all them walk-through haunted houses just aren’t scary anymore? Well director Jon Keeyes attempts to liven up the industry with this little hunk of celluloid called Hallow’s End.

It’s all about a bunch of drunken fraternity guys getting together in an abandoned warehouse to put on a haunted house for “local charities”. When the bearded Pumpkin Jack (Jim Dunn), “The Santa Claus of Halloween” gives the kids a mystical book, someone stupidly reads a passage which turns the teens into the living version of whatever costume they happen to be wearing. That’s right, soon we got vampires, zombies and pirates (yes, pirates) running amuck slaughtering people.

Keeyes, who also did the excellent indie horror flick American Nightmare, yet again shows a knack for creating believable characters and emphasizing character development before the blood and guts. Since said character development includes lesbians, the film automatically earns an extra half a star. Unfortunately despite the potentially interesting premise, once the teens start turning into monsters, nothing especially scary or memorable happens. The performances are all solid, with special nods going to Brandy Little and Amy Jo Hearron as the love struck rugmunchers. (Little also appeared in Keeyes’ Suburban Nightmare.)

It’s Amy Morris though who gets the best line of dialogue in the movie: “That’s right I met Satan. I knelt down and kissed his backside!”
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