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Talk about truth in advertising! This installment in the Coffin Joe franchise certainly lives up to its title albeit with mixed results.

The paper thin plot revolves around Hamilton, a brilliant research scientist who snaps when he begins having severe hallucinations and thinks the scary and sinister Coffin Joe (writer/director Jose Mojica Marins) is coveting his wife Tania. She gets concerned over his behavior and sends him off to see some shrinks who turn to none other than the filmmaker himself, Marins to cure Hamilton.

Most of Marins’ Coffin Joe movies can be divided into two categories: One where Joe does evil and hateful things while in search of the perfect female, and the second where Marins plays himself, usually for ironic effect. This movie tries to have it both ways, but ultimately fails.

The fatal flaw of the film lies with the hallucination scenes themselves. They consist of nothing more than scenes of previous Coffin Joe flicks, and while that’s all fine and dandy (and if done right it would have made for a perfect Coffin Joe sampler tape) unfortunately all the scenes, most notably the impressive Hell sequence from Marins’ second film This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse, are edited together so incoherently that its enough to drive you nuts.

That’s probably Marins’ point: The schizophrenic editing compliments the madness of Hamilton, but that doesn’t necessarily make for a good movie. Some of the imagery is worth a look and the cool ending somewhat redeems the film’s choppy editing. At least Marins did the whole creator-providing-social-commentary-on-his-creation thing way before Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.

Recommended only for die hard Coffin Joe fans, though interested newbies will want to check out Marins’ first Coffin Joe flick, At Midnight I Take Your Soul.
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