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Australia has always been a good breeding ground for exploitation directors. Guys like Russell Mulcahy, Richard Franklin, and Brain Trenchard Smith all got their start with low budget Aussie exploitation flicks before coming to Hollywood. I think in time, Dicky Tanuwidjaya, the director of The Devil’s 6 Commandments could be just as big; provided he’s given a better script, a bigger budget, and some name actors,

Nina (Gianna Pattison) is raped by a gang of thugs and she enlists the help of her half-brother (Felino Dolloso) to get revenge on her attackers. After making short work of the rapists (and selling the leftover meat to a cannibalistic restaurateur); the deadly duo team up with a cop (Maninho de Aruanda) to dispose of other degenerates the law can’t touch. When they mistakenly kill the wrong degenerate, they incur the wrath of a local kingpin.

The Devil’s 6 Commandments is a decent enough micro-budget action revenge flick. There’s some fairly brutal stuff here (like the part where a guy gets an iron to the face) but I have to give Tanuwidjaya credit for not going whole hog on the torture porn stuff. Some of the stylistic touches are nice (like the Sin City inspired scenes where everything is black and white but the blood is red), but you kinda wish the budget had been a bit bigger so Tanuwidjaya could’ve really let his imagination run wild. Likewise, some of the performances are a bit amateurish. While Pattison and Dolloso make for a solid duo, many of the other actors just aren’t ready for prime time.

The Devil’s 6 Commandments is a bit of a diamond in the rough. The parts that shine, shine pretty bright though (the first half hour is particularly entertaining). For all its faults, one thing is for sure, I’m damned curious to see Tanuwidjaya’s next flick.

Best line of dialogue: “He’s not a poofter… he’s just… heterosexually challenged!”

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