The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
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This is a solidly entertaining B-Movie, an uncredited remake of Mad Love. The story is the same. A concert pianist loses his hands in an accident. A brilliant, if overzealous surgeon grafts new hands onto his body. He slowly goes mad and uses his new hands to kill, and even goes after the son of the taxi driver (now blinded) responsible for the accident. The best part of the movie is the pretty intense (for the 60’s anyway) operating scenes. There’s also a pretty great scene when the pianist inadvertently sets his girlfriend on fire. Though the film sometimes veers into melodrama, it provides some tense moments and atmospheric scenes. There’s also a great unintentionally funny moment when he goes to a carnival for relaxation but everything there reminds him of his accident. (NOT THE BUMPER CARS!) The story had previously been filmed the year before as The Hands of Orlac. Look fast for a young Sally Kellerman.

AKA: The Answer.
Tags: h, horror
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