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PUPPET MASTER 2 (1991) * ½

Puppet Master special effects man David Allen puts away his toys and steps behind the camera to direct this middling sequel. A group of paranormal investigators go to the hotel where the events of the first film happened. Turns out the puppets have revived their master who needs to steal people’s brain juice to keep him alive. The paranormal investigators don’t have much brains to begin with, but they presumably have enough juice for the puppet master to send his creations after them.

Puppet Master 2 suffers from Been-There-Done-That Syndrome as it’s essentially a remake of the first film (except for the fact that the puppet master looks like The Invisible Man and speaks with a Bela Lugosi accent). The scenes of puppets killing people are OK in this one. There’s a decent scene where a guy’s head gets drilled into and a fat woman gets flamethrowered by a new puppet named Torch. That’s all this movie really has to offer though.

Like the first flick, Puppet Master 2 has a long and useless flashback scene. It doesn’t really “explain” the puppet master’s origins. Basically all it does is help pad the running time.

One thing I didn’t get about this movie was that the paranormal investigators weren’t at all bothered by the fact that there was a dude in a Claude Rains get-up that talked like Dracula lurking around the premises. Seriously, if I were those bozos, I would’ve been out of there as soon as that jackass reared his ugly bandaged head.

Best line: “What is this thing? It must be subject to physical laws!”

Tomorrow’s Horror Franchise Movie: Puppet Master 3: Toulon’s Revenge.


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Oct. 17th, 2011 05:43 am (UTC)
Kenner again...
I should point out that while I estimate Puppet Master III netting a **1/2 or *** (At most) This series never was great like a Hellraiser or Friday The 13th,Freddy or indeed Child's play because of the budget. Ironically the best one is 3, looks like more money went into it. This one is actually one of the better entries believe it or not. Some of it is just surreal. Overall though this is a series not as good as remembered, I think part of it is how badly they've aged. 3 once again is the exception. I guess the analogy I would use is that Puppet Master series is kind of like a play offfootball team that wins 10 or 11 games a year, they might win a playoff game but when it comes to the contenders they get outclassed. In particular Jason,Freddy,Chucky,Pinhead and Michael have longevity but look at the movies and note why the Puppet Masters were cult icons vs pop culture icons.
Oct. 17th, 2011 09:26 pm (UTC)
Re: Kenner again...
I like the way you phrased "Cult Icons" and "Pop Culture Icons". So true. Freddy, Jason, etc. tap into our subconcious universal fears whereas the Puppet Master movies just offer killer toys.
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