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In WWII Germany, Nazis try to steal the secret of eternal life from Puppet Master Andre Toulon (Guy Rolfe, from Dolls). When Toulon refuses to give up the goods, he watches in horror as Nazis gun down his wife right in front of him. He then sends his mischievous miniature marionettes to murder the Nazi ringleader (Richard Lynch, from The Barbarians) responsible.

Puppet Master 3 is a small improvement over Part 2 and is about on par with the original film. The film’s chief asset is its cast. Rolfe is solid in the lead and Lynch resists the temptation to go over the top and subtly underplays his Nazi villain role. We also get fine support from Ian (Army of Darkness) Abercrombie, Sarah (Return of the Living Dead 3) Douglas, and Walter Gotell (from the James Bond movies) taking a hot tub with several naked babes and having sex with Michelle Bauer. On the puppet side of the fence, the new puppet Six-Shooter (a six armed cowboy) is pretty cool and the other puppets do their usual shtick (Drill Head Dude drills through people’s stomachs and Leech Lady pukes plenty of leeches on people).

I guess my main gripe with this movie was with the origin aspects of the puppets. Although I liked the period setting, the flick feels the need to over-explain things, which gets kind of annoying. And while I wouldn’t call this movie “plot heavy” or anything, but it often feels like the puppets wind up taking a back seat to the Nazis. I also found it a bit jarring that we’re supposed to buy Toulon as a sympathetic anti-hero out for revenge instead of the bandaged-up maniac from the previous film.

David DeCoteau (the third director named David in a row to direct a Puppet Master movie) does a competent job behind the camera for the most part. A few sequences are robbed of their potential though, due to some shoddy editing (especially during Lynch’s comeuppance scene). And since this is a Puppet Master movie, you know there’s gonna be some flashbacks to help pad the running time.

Still, any movie featuring Michelle Bauer topless is worth at least one watch in a lifetime.

Tomorrow’s Horror Franchise Movie: Puppet Master 4.

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