The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

HAUNTS (1977) **

May Britt stars as Ingrid a Swedish (?) woman living in a small farming town who is stalked by a scissor wielding maniac. Ingrid’s got some skeletons in her closet too and may not be what she seems to be. After she is raped twice and the police (as well as her priest) are powerless to do anything, she and her uncle (Night Train to Terror’s Cameron Mitchell) kill the rapist and bury him. The film has it’s moments, but for every one or two effective scenes, there’s a hot steamy scene of Britt milking a goat. All of the performances are earnest, but most of the movie is too unpleasant and/or downbeat to be entertaining. Aldo (Black Samurai) Ray co-stars as the useless sheriff. Pino (Carrie) Donaggio provided the score.
Tags: cameron mitchell, h, horror
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