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Gene Evans (a veteran of many Sam Fuller films) and some friends head on up to a cabin in the woods during a snowstorm. Meanwhile, a bus load of deranged kids led by Leif Garrett (in his pre-troubled teen heartthrob days) stumble onto the cabin and make themselves at home. And by “at home”, I mean they kill every blessed person in the place.

Devil Times Five takes a while to get going and suffers from way too much slow motion during some of the murder sequences. But if you’re patient and stick with it, the rewards are great. It’s definitely a damned fine Killer Kiddie Movie; better than any of those Children of the Corn flicks, that’s for sure.

The kills in this thing are pretty sweet. The kids strangle the Of Mice and Men style slow-witted caretaker, plant an axe in a nerdy doofus, torch one lush, spear another chick, and set a bunch of bear traps on the hero guy. If none of those kills do it for you, wait until you see the scene where one of the kids takes a ride on the Swing of Death.

My personal favorite scene comes when the kids let loose a bunch of piranha on the main slut in the bathtub. That shit was priceless. And not only does this chick get naked in the tub, she has an awesome from out of nowhere blouse-ripping catfight scene earlier in the picture too. My kind of gal.

But by far, the scariest thing in the flick is Leif Garrett in drag. Yuck. If that shit doesn’t give you nightmares, I don’t know what will.

AKA: Peopletoys. AKA: Tantrums. AKA: The Horrible House on the Hill.

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