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A doctor performs unorthodox experiments on some embryos and gets kicked out of his Super-Secret Science Club. Stricken with grief, he spends most of his days lying in bed muttering to himself before he gets fed up and commits suicide. His hot widow (Soledad Miranda) then goes around knocking off the doctors who scoffed at his work. First, she seduces one guy who wants her to treat him rough and she does… big time. (By which I mean; she cuts off his dick.) The next doctor is a lady and Soledad uses some lesbian wiles on her to lure her to the bedroom where she suffocates her with a pillow in the throes of passion. Then Soledad sticks a pair of scissors in the back of the next guy’s head when he’s going down on her. And the last dude gets tied to a chair and is cut up by our heroine.

She Killed in Ecstasy is a good example of director Jess Franco in his swinging 70’s period. It’s filled with some great music, bright eye-popping colors, lots of camera zooms, and beautiful naked women. It also happens to be downright tedious whenever the titular She isn’t Killing in Ecstasy. The film runs only 73 minutes, but it feels a lot longer than that as it suffers from some seriously slow scenes in between the good stuff.

Soledad Miranda (from Franco’s classic Vampyros Lesbos) is the reason to watch the film. She’s great in this movie and gives the camera a lot of intense smoldering glances. It also helps that she spends a great deal of the flick wandering around totally naked. That alone is worth the price of admission right there.

Franco also appears as one of the doctors and The Monster Demolisher himself, German Robles turns up as a cop.

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