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TIME AGAIN (2011) ** ½

Marlo (Angela Rachelle) loses her sister Sam (Tara Smoker) in a diner shootout. Six months later, she’s pursued by a villain who’s looking for some magical coins. Then a little old lady gives Marlo one of the coins and she’s able to go back in time to the day Sam died. Naturally, Marlo tries to prevent her sister’s death but she keeps screwing up. The mysterious old broad only has four coins, so Marlo better get her shit together if she ever hopes to save her sister.

Director Ray Karwel’s Time Again is an ambitious, if flawed action sci-fi mash-up. (It kinda plays like a mix of Sliders and My Sister Sam.) The flick has some pretty good ideas but the budget is too low to really execute them in the way they deserve. There are a couple of neat “rules” that are tailor made to keep the budget down (like the fact that if they leave the diner, they’ll go back to their old time; which means the filmmakers only need one location) and some scenes from the various timelines are repeated to pad out the running time.

The big flaw with Time Again is that it takes an inordinate amount of time to set the premise up. Once the ground rules have been established, the fun picks up considerably. Unfortunately, it kinda goes on too long and probably has one climax too many. The gore is OK though and includes a nail gun to the hand, a head dunked into boiling water, and a bullet to the face.

I think the novel touch here was making the leads bratty siblings instead of your typical action heroes. The way Rachelle and Smoker play off each other makes them seem like genuine sisters and they both get some laughs. It’s Rachelle who gets the best line of the movie when she says, “You are forcing me to be the voice of reason and that’s not a really good look on me!”

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