The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

HELL HOLE (1983) ** ½

A young virginal girl is tricked into becoming a whore for a wealthy playboy named M.G. When she refuses and tries to escape, he has her thrown into his personal prison for insolent women where she’s humiliated, hosed and takes showers. She has surreal nightmares about marrying M.G. and screwing him. In the prison, there’s a weird dance party scene with a crazy electronic score that culminates in a suicide. When she finally submits to M.G., he tries to make love to her in the tub, but she gets repulsed and bites off his tongue! Then a royally pissed off M.G. has her put onto a spinning rack while she is whipped and has knives thrown at her. In the film’s most shocking scene, she flips out and protects her virginity in the most extreme way possible: she shoves a metal pipe up her cooter and says, “M.G. is welcome to my leftovers!” In the end, the girls stage a riot and escape and M.G. gets his just desserts when he gets shot dozens of times in his crotch. There are also mud wrestling, rape and scorpion attacks (but no nudity) in this slightly above average made in the Philippines women in prison movie. (What were you expecting The Shawshank Redemption?) Not to be confused with 1978’s Hell Hole from Cirio H. Santiago or the 1985 Hell Hole starring Ray Sharkey.

AKA: Escape from Hell Hole.
Tags: exploitation, h, women in prison
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