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This has nothing to do with the original Prom Night. It’s a rip off of Carrie, A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Exorcist. I don’t care, it’s awesome. It’s got some great death scenes, surprising nudity, genuine laughs and scares, and is a lot of fun.

Mary Lou (Wendy Schrage) is about to be crowned prom queen in 1957, when her jealous boyfriend drops a stink bomb on her. The fuse catches on her dress and she goes up in flames. Thirty years later, she comes back from the dead to get revenge. She wants to become prom queen, so she possesses a frumpy virginal girl (Wendy Lyons) and turns her into a 50’s style slut. There’s an excellent scene in the girls locker room where she stalks a victim stark naked. She also takes pleasure in bitching out her competition, cock teasing her boyfriend and making out with her father. Mary Lou’s 50’s boyfriend becomes the principal (Michael Ironside) and her former lover is the town priest. He tries to warn Ironside that Mary Lou is back but he doesn’t believe him. “Jesus Christ buddy, you been celibate too long!” Finally he has to stop her.

There’s some cool reality bending sequences (a volleyball net turns into a black spider web and a drowning in a chalkboard), nifty kills (a girl is crushed in her locker, death by computer), but the freakiest scene is when a rocking horse comes to life (complete with lecherous tongue). There’s also some very funny comic relief. One science student makes a radio out of a potato and says: “This moment will be inserted into the annals of history, and we all know how painful that can be!” In another scene a girl goes down on a guy for prom queen votes and when her clueless boyfriend kisses her afterwards he says “Got anymore of those mints, your breath smells great!” Hilarious. Also, all the characters have in-joke names like Carpenter and Craven (like in Night of the Creeps) which is always a plus. The Second Best Unrelated Horror Sequel of the 80’s. (Next to Troll 2). The star of Wizard of Gore, Ray Sager was co-producer of this shot in Canada masterpiece.
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