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An astronaut (Bruce Ramsay) recounts his family’s relationship to the evil Cenobite Pinhead (Doug Bradley, excellent as always) in a futuristic space station. In 17th century France, his ancestor (also Ramsay) created the Lament Configuration box which opened a portal to Hell. In 1996, another relative (again Ramsay) is menaced by Pinhead and his badass Cenobite dog. Finally in the future, Ramsay traps Pinhead in the space station, which turns into a giant Lament Configuration and blows up. The pretty cool Cenobites include Angelique (Valentina Vargas) who has her brain exposed and a pair of twisted twins. This, the last Hellraiser given the dignity of a theatrical release, was a troubled production. Director (and special effects supervisor) Kevin Yagher’s original intention was to make an anthology film telling three separate stories. The studio fired him and hired Joe (Halloween 6) Chappelle to direct connecting scenes. Yagher took his name off the credits and used the Allan Smithee pseudonym. Though it may be a Smithee movie, it’s got enough inventive gore and cool effects to keep the series’ fans happy, which makes this the best film Smithee has ever “directed”. Co-starring Kim (A Nightmare on Elm Street 2) Meyers and Courtland (The Shining remake) Mead.
Tags: h, hellraiser series, horror, sequel
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