The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
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This eighth (and hopefully last) installment tries to earn points by taking place in the “real” world. Horror fans obsessed with an online game based on the Hellraiser franchise are invited to a party by Lance (Aliens) Henriksen and are killed off one by one. Strangely, the characters make references to the other movies but no one mentions Clive Barker. Yet again Pinhead (Doug Bradley) only appears fleetingly and is given terrible dialogue. Yet again it’s another useless direct to video Hellraiser sequel where the filmmakers used an existing script and shoehorned Pinhead into the plot. Yet again I hope this is the last Hellraiser movie. Henriksen can do this kind of role in his sleep by now and Bradley is wasted. Director Rick Bota also did the previous entry, Hellraiser: Deader.
Tags: h, hellraiser series, horror, sequel
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