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I got this off of Netflix thinking it was the Scott Adkins/Isaac Florentine flick. Turns out it was the Daniel Bernhardt/Jeno Hodi movie. Definitely a step down in terms of quality, wouldn’t you say?

A female CIA agent gets kidnapped by the Chechnian government. Daniel Bernhardt is given orders to go in and rescue her. He assembles his team (OK, “team” is a little too strong a word for it as he only takes along two guys and one of their teenage brothers) and they sneak into the country and get her back.

Man, was this ever mediocre. From the acting to the action scenes, everything was second rate. It made a Nu Image movie look like a big budget blockbuster by comparison. The Kung Fu sequences were choreographed… umm… they were choreographed. They weren’t choreographed particularly well, but at least somebody took the time to rehearse them before the cameras rolled.

Look, I know I don’t have much good to say about Special Forces, but it’s not like its unwatchable or anything. Hodi kept things moving at an agreeable pace and Bernhardt fared better than usual (and he pronounced about 90% of his dialogue correctly this time). One thing I can say for this flick it’s that it’s got a lot of scenes where bad guys get shot and fall out of guard towers. Any Men on a Mission movie worth its salt needs to have these scenes and I have to say that Special Forces at least delivered in that department. Since I have a certain weakness for movies in which dudes get shot and fall out of guard towers, I can’t give Special Forces any less than **.

AKA: Black Sea Raid.

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