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In what’s basically a Bad Lieutenant rip-off with Pinhead tacked on at the end, Craig (Killer Buzz) Sheffer stars as an alcoholic, druggie cop investigating a murder revolving around the mysterious puzzle box, The Lament Configuration. In the Dear-God-Is-It-Over-Yet finale we learn from Pinhead (Doug Bradley) that Sheffer is actually dead and trapped in “his own personal Hell”. ARGH! A torsoless Chatterer Cenobite is the only memorable part of this pathetic sequel that deservedly went straight to video. Dimension Studios’ total lack of respect for the franchise led to three more remotely related to Pinhead sequels of equal or lesser suckitude. I hope Clive Barker at least got paid for having his name on this mess. Co-starring Nicholas Tuturro. Director Scott Derrickson later co-wrote Urban Legends: The Final Cut and directed The Exorcism of Emily Rose.
Tags: h, hellraiser series, horror, sequel
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