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NIGHT KEY (1937) **

Boris Karloff stars as a kindly old scientist (a role in which he excelled at) who invents a new type of alarm system. When he gets cheated out of the patent, Boris uses his technology to get revenge on the security company. Using the name “Night Key”, Boris goes around to the stores in town using his newfangled device to circumvent the alarm system. He then sneaks in and does some Turk 182 type shit and graffitis his name on the wall to ruffle the company’s feathers. Naturally, the underworld hears about his gadget and they force him to commit robberies.

Night Key is an odd little crime movie. And I say its “odd” because it starts off like your average Boris Karloff mad scientist movie and then turns into a light-hearted master criminal flick. I mean Night Key is just like any other Boris Karloff-scientist-getting-revenge movie, but without any of the horror trappings usually associated with the subgenre. It’s not bad; it’s just that it’s too lightweight to be memorable.

For example, there’s this one scene where Boris gets revenge by breaking into an umbrella shop and opening all the umbrellas. This is weird because 1) It seems like a childish way for someone like Boris Karloff to get revenge. 2) If it’s bad luck to open ONE umbrella inside, he’s setting himself for a heck of a lot of bad luck by opening up a whole store full.

In a typical Boris movie, Boris is opening skulls. In Night Key he’s opening umbrellas. What. The. Fuck.

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