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Ah yes, here’s a dumb horror/comedy that will make you yearn for the subtle nuances of Teen Wolf Too.  A surfer dude teen stupidly lets a vampire named Moondoggie and his babes party hardy at his house while his parents are away.  He doesn’t seem to notice that his new friends don’t go out in the sun, sleep in coffins and suck blood, but he starts to become suspicious when they turn his dog into nacho dip.  He gets a vampire hunter/old timer surfer called “The Big Kahuna”, played by Adam West of all people to wipe out the vampires before his parents come home.  This comedy tries to be like a mix of those 80’s classics Weird Science and Once Bitten, but the jokes are dumb and the performances are awful.  Only West manages to get some laughs (“What’s this brouhaha about bloodsuckers?”) and gets to say the movie’s best line: “Stop that sucking!”  If only the movie listened to him.  Carmen Electra co-stars as one of Moondoggie’s babes and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’s Sydney Lassick plays his servant who microwaves poodles.  Legendary surf guitarist Dick Dale also appears for like 30 seconds.  Bummer dude!  

AKA:  An American Vampire Story.

Tags: a, comedy, horror, vampires


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