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Wes Craven produced this remake of his 1977 classic. It actually follows the original pretty closely (except for an extended sequence in an A-Bomb test town) and has more blood and gore. It's better than most of the recent remakes, but the feeling of deja vu lessens the film's overall impact. It does feature a record number of pickaxes to the face though.

The story is the same. A vacationing family traveling across the desert takes a wrong turn and breaks down in the middle of nowhere and gets terrorized by a family of mutants. When the mutants slaughter half his family and kidnap his newborn, wimpy Doug (Aaron Stanford) reduces himself to their level of savagery to avenge his wife's death and rescue his baby.

Director Alexandre Aja brings the same flair for blood and guts he brought to High Tension and fills the film with plenty of atmosphere and red stuff. The mutant FX by KNB are excellent as is the creepy score by tomandandy (The Rules of Attraction). The cast including Ted (Silence of the Lambs), Kathleen (Twilight Zone: The Movie) Quinlan, Vinessa (Corky Romano) Shaw and Robert Joy and Billy (The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.) Drago are also great. Stanford was also in X-Men 2 and 3, which had mutants of a different sort.
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