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This isn’t David Cronenberg’s worst film, just his least interesting. Viggo (The Lord of the Rings) Mortensen stars as a small town family man whose life is turned upside down when he heroically kills two armed robbers in a diner. He becomes a local celebrity and when it’s revealed he’s a reformed gangster hiding out, he must protect his identity and his new life at any cost.

All of Cronenberg’s films are wonderful in their complexity, but this one is one note and flat, as is Mortensen’s performance. Both as Tom, the family man and as Joey, the gangster, he fails to register as either a daring do-gooder or as a complicated man with a past. Maria Bello, who plays his wife fares much better and is totally hot while dressing up like a cheerleader and having rough sex. The violence for this type of movie is more than adequate, but you would expect a little more from the man who gave us Videodrome. It was also wildly overpraised by critics who fell all over themselves to recommend this movie and get their name on the back of the video box.

Co-starring Ed Harris, William Hurt (who was nominated for an Oscar for his showy role) and Stephen McHattie. This was loosely based on the same series of graphic novels as Road to Perdition.
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