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Donna (Stephanee LaFleur) is an unfulfilled housewife who wants to spice up her sex life, but her pleas to her boring ecologically-minded husband fall on deaf ears. (“Mr. Willie only cares about himself!”) One night at a party, Donna gets jealous of all her girlfriends’ wild sex exploits and decides to get drunk off her ass. The next morning she wakes up in the body of her girlfriend and gets to experience sex with her husband. From then on, Donna awakens each morning thereafter in the body of another girlfriend and gets to get it on with their husbands. Predictably in the end, she realizes her husband is the best lover of them all.

I remember seeing this back in the day and I pretty much hated it. But watching it now I realize it’s really no worse than a lot of the Skinamax crap I watch. I think my main issue with it back then was that the sex scenes were much too brief. And for the most part they are (in fact, some are so short and/or feature no nudity, so I can’t count them) but the gals are so hot (especially Amho Hight), that it’s hard to complain.

Overall we have four Guy on Girl scenes and two Barroom Striptease scenes. Since the flick runs 78 minutes, that means that we get a sex scene every 13 minutes. Not exactly a good ratio, but a lot better than a lot of the Skinamax movies we’ve checked out this month.

Still, the flick was directed by Mike Sedan, the director of the Skinamax Hall of Fame classic Lapdancing, so you’ve come to expect more. The flick also loses points for the awful lite rock soundtrack and the gratuitous subplot about saving a diseased tree. The great performance by Stephanee LaFleur certainly helps, although it’s not quite enough to make Animal Attraction worthwhile.

AKA: Insatiable Wives.


Although Mike Sedan returned to the director’s chair for Animal Attraction 2 this actually has nothing to do with the original. The only returning cast members are Amho Hight (who went on to be “Milf” on Real Chance at Love), and the dude who played the traffic cop, but they play different roles this time out. This publisher dude can’t decide if he should leave his girlfriend for his former flame (who also happens to be his new client). Meanwhile, his sexy roommate has the hots for him and masquerades as a lesbian to hide her attraction.

Animal Attraction plays more like a goddamn soap opera than an honest to goodness Skinamax flick. The whole movie is essentially a pathetic love rectangle where the clueless jackass hero can’t make up his mind over which chick to bone. What’s worse is that a lot of the sex scenes end abruptly or wind up cutting away before anyone can even get their clothes off!

On the plus side, the sex scenes occur at a marginally better rate than its predecessor, although the flick is nowhere near as much fun to watch. There are eight sex scenes in total: five Guy on Girl scenes, two Bubble Bath scenes, and one Striptease. The running time is a brief 77 minutes, so that means we get a sex scene about every 10 minutes. That’s not nearly enough to make this sorry sequel worth your time.

AKA: Passion's Desire.

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