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Mainline Releasing is a company that specializes in low budget Skinamax fare that play more like skin-filled soap operas and/or mystery movies than actual softcore porn. The quality of their output is erratic at best, but their output (erratic as it may be), is fairly prolific. Here’s a small sampling of their work:

VOYEUR’S WEB (2011) ** ½

The wonderfully named Cinnamon Baker (porn star Ruby Knox) is a horny writer who checks out a voyeur website ran by the sexy Olivia (porn star Kiara Diane). Cinnamon initially wants to do a story on Olivia, but she eventually begins to toy with the idea of becoming a webcam girl herself; much to the dismay of her hot-tempered boyfriend. When Olivia is murdered, he naturally becomes the prime suspect.

Voyeur’s Web is at its best when Cinnamon is exploring her sexuality. Once the murder mystery shit kicks in, the flick becomes kinda dull. In fact, calling it a “mystery” is giving it way too much credit since it’s pretty obvious who the killer is.

Usually these Mainline Releasing Skinamax movies are pretty lame, but Voyeur’s Web has enough dry humping and hip gyrating to please most late night cable horndogs. It’s light on plot, easy on the eyes, and it delivers on what it promises for the most part. There are eight sex scenes in all; seven Guy on Girl scenes and one Solo Girl. Since the flick clocks in at 86 minutes, that means we get a sex scene almost every 11 minutes. Despite the somewhat sparse rate, the sex scenes are pretty good overall; although they do have a tendency to run on a bit long (much like the movie itself).

SEXUAL QUEST (2011) **

Charmane Star and her fiancée create a sexual “bucket list” of dirty stuff they want to do before they settle down and get married. With a little help from some of their friends, the couple sets out to get their freak on. Once they finally let their fantasies play out, they’re content to live happily ever after.

Sexual Quest is notable for having an Asian female lead AND an Asian male lead, which is something you don’t normally see in a Skinamax flick. That’s about all it is notable for though. Even though the film has a pretty good gimmick, none of the sex scenes are really all that spicy. On top of that, the girls act like they’re really not all that into it (which is weird since they’re all porn actresses). The sex scenes also suffer from having some pretty unoriginal pairings as the majority of them are just Charmane and her fiancée getting it on. Seriously, when you’re watching a Skinamax movie, monogamy isn’t necessary the sort of thing you want to see. Other than that, it’s watchable.

Overall, we get nine Guy on Girl scenes and one Striptease Scene. That’s ten sex scenes in an 83 minute time frame, which means we get a sex scene about every 8 minutes. It’s nowhere near the ratio it should’ve been, but it’s a lot better than a lot of the Skinamax movies we’ve covered this month. Still, that doesn’t mean you should run out and see it or anything.

SEX, SECRETS, AND LIES 2 (2002) **

Scarlet Johansing stars as a private eye named Sam Sharp who’s kinda like a female Sam Spade. She gets hired by a porn producer to find his father’s young promiscuous girlfriend. Sam eventually uncovers a murder plot as well as some sex, secrets, and lies too.

I never saw the first Sex, Secrets, and Lies, but I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with this flick. If it’s anything like Part 2, I’m not sure I even want to check it out as it’s nothing but a bunch of way-too-short sex scenes interrupting a boring detective story. The film pretty much boils down to Johansing going around questioning people just before, or just after they’ve had sex.

Speaking of which, we get ten sex scenes in this one. There are six Guy on Girl scenes, one Girl on Girl scene, one Solo Girl scene, one Striptease, and one Two Girls on One Guy scene. With a running time of 70 minutes, that means we get a sex scene every seven minutes. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the sex scenes are all that great. In fact, many of them are so brief that they shouldn’t even count (and some are just extended shots of slow motion cuddling).

Thankfully, the cast of lovely ladies are hot. Johansing is particularly sexy, although she delivers her faux hard-boiled narration awkwardly. We also have illustrious porn stars T.J. Hart and Angelica Sin in small roles too. None of them have anything memorable to do that can make or break the film though.

AKA: Wicked Temptations.

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