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My daughter recently discovered the joys of Winnie the Pooh thanks to the VHS tape “A Day for Eeyore” I picked up at the Thrift Store. Since she loved the “WEEN DA POO!” short, I figured she’d be ready for this new flick. After about twenty minutes though, she completely lost interest and starting playing with her building blocks. I can’t say I blame her though because that’s about where I lost my patience with it.

The plot has to do with Winnie and the Hundred Acre Wood gang trying to find Eeyore’s lost tail. Along the way, they mistakenly think their friend Christopher Robin has been kidnapped by a monster so they go looking for him. They wind up getting trapped in a big hole and eventually Christopher Robin shows up to bail them out of trouble.

Winnie the Pooh isn’t necessarily bad; it’s just bland and curiously joyless. It lumbers from one misadventure to the other without any real momentum. The flick also feels pretty disjointed too, which makes sense since it took EIGHT writers to come up with such fluff. Luckily, the film only runs 63 minutes (53 if you don’t bother with the credits), although it feels a long longer than that.

To be fair, there’s some OK stuff here. I liked the scene where Pooh tells Piglet to “knot the rope” and Piglet responds, “NOT that rope?” It’s a scene Abbott and Costello could’ve appreciated. And I dug the storybook sequences where Pooh would veer off the page and stumble into the printed words. And no matter how much I try to nitpick this thing; I have to say that any movie that’s narrated by John Cleese can’t be all bad.

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