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Myla Leigh is this hot chick that inherits a strip club from her uncle. The uncle’s former girlfriend (some skanky German chick with a manly voice) thinks he owed her a living and she tries to steal the club out from under her. Not only that, but it seems the Mob wants their cut of the place too. Naturally, the only solution to Myla’s problems is to get up on stage and shake what her mama gave her.

Accidental Stripper is another one of those Hot Chick Inherits a _________ Skinamax deals. They’ve been using this template for 30 years now and for good reason. It offers JUST enough plot to hang a bunch of sex scenes on.

Speaking of which, the sex scenes run the gamut from passable, to too short, to so-so, to pretty good. That’s just a roundabout way of saying they’re all over the place. While they’re not necessarily bad, they don’t exactly get your blood pumping either. Another debit is that the film relies a bit too heavily on stripping scenes. Then again with a title like “Accidental Stripper”, I guess that’s to be expected. Overall there are five Guy on Girl scenes, two Girl on Girl scenes, and four Striptease sequences. That means we get 11 sex scenes in the span of 87 minutes, which isn’t bad for this sort of thing.

Something else that holds the film back is the performance of Myla Leigh. Sure, she looks plenty hot, but she’s kind of a cold fish when it comes to getting down and dirty. Her Asian friend on the other hand isn’t all that, yet she seems enthusiastic during her sex scenes. Sometimes enthusiasm makes all the difference.

AKA: Lost Innocence.

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