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TIME OF THE APES (1987) ** ½

Two whiny kids and a decent looking babe are hanging out in a cryogenic lab when all of a sudden; the place is rocked by an earthquake. They take shelter in a “Cold Sleep” machine where there quickly go into a deep freeze. A thousand years later (give or take) the trio wake up in a future ran by apes. They join up with another human named Godo and together they try to return to their own time.

Time of the Apes is a lame low budget Japanese knock-off of The Planet of the Apes. If I were comparing it to that series, I’d have to say that it’s just as bad as the worst movie in the franchise, Battle for the Planet of the Apes. But because Time of the Apes features really crummy ape make-up (the apes’ mouths hardly move when they talk) and some truly atrocious dubbing (the humans’ mouths hardly move when they talk), it makes it a lot more entertaining than that film.

If this movie starts getting low on sense near the end, it’s probably because someone (in this case Sandy Frank) took several episodes of a Japanese TV series and edited them together to make a patched-up feature for an unsuspecting American audience. And it’s kind of a shame too because for the most part, Time of the Apes isn’t THAT bad for about an hour or so. But by the time a flying saucer shows up to provide the flick with some poorly contrived deus ex machina, everything pretty much goes out the window. That’s alright though because there are still plenty of unintentional laughs throughout (one of the bad apes is named “Gay-Bar”) to keep you amused.

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