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ONE MAN ARMY (1994) **

I’ve seen Jerry Trimble in a couple of movies here and there, but One Man Army represents the first starring vehicle for Jerry that I’ve seen. Even though I didn’t have high expectations for it, I’ll gladly give anything directed by Cirio H. (Silk) Santiago more than a fair chance. The opening credit sequence lets you know what you’re up against. As soon as you see the credit: Special Participation: “Yup” as Hank, you kinda know you’re in for it.

Trimble stars as a Volkswagen Bug driving karate teacher who returns to his hometown for his grandfather’s funeral. With the help of a sexy journalist (Melissa Moore from Samurai Cop), he does some digging and learns the town is being ran by a corrupt sheriff who has ties to the Mob. Jerry eventually decides to run for sheriff and he wins. But his efforts to clean up the town are thwarted by his crooked deputy who is still in cahoots with the former sheriff.

One Man Army is a standard issue Walking Tall retread spiced up with some not-bad kickboxing. We get an underground kickboxing tournament in the local saloon, a scene where Trimble beats up a bunch of security guards, and an OK pool hall fight. All of these fight scenes occur at a steady clip, yet none of them are particularly kick ass or anything.

Overall, One Man Army is a straightforward and short (it’s only 78 minutes) Roger Corman produced action flick, yet it isn’t nearly as nutty as the best Santiago stuff can be. The only unintentional laughs come from the 90’s mullets and fashions (you’ve got to love the pastel windbreakers). Easily the best thing about the movie as far as I was concerned was Melissa Moore. She has three major topless scenes (a shower scene, a long slow motion sex scene, and a swimming scene) and all of them are pretty good.

I was sitting on the fence for most of the movie. I was torn between giving it ** ½ and **. The thing that ultimately brought the movie down a notch for me was Trimble’s sidekick dog. Wait until you get a load of this mutt’s Lassie hijinks. It’s like something out of a Disney Channel movie. There’s this one scene where the dog pulls him out of a burning building that made me say, “Are you fucking kidding me?” out loud. However, if you have the capability to stomach these Rin Tin Tin types of shenanigans, you may enjoy it.

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