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Mainline Releasing put this out, so you can probably already guess what lies in store for you when you watch Bounty Huntress 2. Terrible plot? Check. Mediocre sex scenes? Got it. Porn actresses making an unsuccessful attempt at crossover mainstream stardom? You bet.

And in case you’re wondering, no I haven’t seen Bounty Huntress 1. If we’ve learned anything from watching a shit-ton of Skinamax movies this month though, it’s that you can pretty much watch ANY Skinamax sequel without seeing the original as the plots to these things rarely matter. I do have to say that I found it hilarious that the chick on the DVD box is made up to look like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. What’s even funnier is that there is absolutely no Bounty Huntressing going on whatsoever in this movie.

Anyway, porn star Chelsea Bleu stars as an FBI agent who goes undercover in a gym to get the goods on the owner who is supposed to have ties to diamond smuggling. Porn star Dru Berrymore (so named because she has more than a passing resemblance to her mainstream namesake) co-stars as the bad guy’s secretary who is immediately suspicious of Bleu. Again, the plot (heck even the title in this instance) doesn’t matter; so forget I mentioned it.

It would seem a bit pointless to criticize the plot here, but since my readers demand the highest quality Skinamax assessments I will say there are quite a few flaws in this movie. The biggest disappointment comes from the ending. I mean the bad guy gets away scot free just because our bounty huntress falls in love with him and can’t bring herself to arrest him. That’s not exactly what I would call good bounty huntressing there. (Never mind the fact that she isn’t even a bounty huntress, just an undercover agent.)

The sex scenes in this movie aren’t particularly good and are for the most part way too brief (one potentially great public exhibition scene in the park starts off great, but ends abruptly). Since there are a lot of them though, it doesn’t really matter. We get eight sex scenes (all Guy on Girl) in a span of 70 minutes, which works out to be a sex scene about every eight and a half minutes. That’s about the best thing I can say for this movie, so I’ll leave it at that.

AKA: Sexual Temptations.


Okay, so the same Lara Croft lookalike chick from the Bounty Huntress 2 box is on the cover of this one, but we have a different Bounty Huntress chick this time out. Instead of porn star Chelsea Blue, we have porn star Chloe playing our heroine. If any of you have seen Chloe in The Tampa Tushy Fest, you know that it’s an upgrade. Unfortunately, she doesn’t engage in any of the fisting activities that made that film legendary, but she does get naked a bunch. And because of that, Bounty Huntress: Undercover is slightly more enjoyable that its predecessor.

Chloe plays a madam who gets roped into helping the cops nab one of her clients, a big time drug smuggler. She naturally falls in love with the cop on the case, which makes his lover (and partner) Dru Berrymore (playing an entirely different character this time out) jealous. Dru also has a hankering to fuck for money and she begins dabbling in hooking on the side.

Chloe is a decent enough actress, even though she didn’t really need to be. And naturally, she looks great naked. Dru isn’t bad either and disrobes plenty too. The sex scenes are mostly way too short, but that’s okay because they happen so fast that it seems like someone’s always getting naked at the end of nearly every scene. There are five Guy on Girl scene, one Gratuitous “What Should I Wear?” scene, one Bubble Bath scene, and one Solo Girl scene. Again, that’s about the same ratio as Part 2, which isn’t so bad. (The flick clocks in at a scant 70 minutes.) I do have to take major points off for the two incidences where a sex scene was about to occur (one Two Girls on One Guy scene and a Guy on Girl scene), but then they never show it. Seriously, a Skinamax movie should NEVER resort to having their sex scenes happen OFF SCREEN.

The plot (if you care) contains a LOT of filler. Consider the scene where the cops install the surveillance cameras in Chloe’s brothel. It’s pretty much shown in real time. Of course this is just to set up the scene later in the film where Dru catches her man cheating on her, but still. It didn’t have to go on forever. I will say that the flick does have a pretty good twist ending, but if that’s the kind of shit you’re looking for, watch The Usual Suspects or something.

AKA: Do It To Me One More Time. AKA: Pleasures of Sin.

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