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Nicole Sheridan stars as a stripper named Taffy who bumps into a secret agent and inadvertently winds up with his pair of X-Ray glasses. Naturally, when she and her boyfriend take the glasses to Vegas, they strike it rich at the blackjack table. A spicy red-headed agent named Mao Mix (porn star Shannon Kelly) also wants the glasses and will do anything to get her hands on them.

Girl with the Sex-Ray Eyes is a Skinamax comedy directed by Fred Olen Ray. You pays your money and you gets what you pays for. In this case I DVR’ed it off of Skinamax for free, so make of that what you will. Sure, the flick ain’t all that great, but there is some funny stuff here. For example, I liked the part where the dim-witted Taffy used the X-Ray glasses to see the prize inside of a cereal box.

Overall we get six sex scenes. There are four Guy on Girl scenes, one Girl on Girl scene, and one Two Girls on One Guy scene. The film runs 79 minutes, so that means that we only get a sex scene every 13 minutes.

Ordinarily I would take issue with that, but there are two scenes in particular that make the movie almost worthwhile. The first is the scene where Nicole Sheridan and Christine Nguyen have a threeway on a big pile of money. This is Nguyen’s one and only scene in the movie and trust me, you’ll wish she was in it more. The other standout scene is when Shannon Kelly gets it on with her lesbian masseur (excellent scissoring is involved). The rest of the movie may be hit and miss, yet these two scenes save Girl with the Sex-Ray Eyes from being just run of the mill late night cable fare.

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